Monday, 21 January 2013

Propping Your Label on the Road to Success with a Reliable Embroidery Digitizer

Whether you are a local boutique or a full-scale design house trying to grab the attention of the mall shopper, keeping a reliable embroidery digitizer in tow can benefit you on various levels. The world of fashion has often been compared to the weather as far as its unpredictability is concerned. What is quite ‘in’ this season can become the faux pas of the next. So, in order for you to create a niche for yourself in the demographic of your choice, you need to keep coming up with new designs each season. However, the key to success essentially lies in getting your latest collections into the store on time, each time.

For those whose collections rely heavily on embroidered pieces, the benefits of having a trusted embroidery digitizer on board are incomparable. Your go-to embroidery digitizer will not only make sure to offer you the best possible rates in the market, but also make sure the order is ready on time, every time, while ensuring excellent quality.

One of the more significant, but less mentioned advantages of having a trusted embroidery digitizer is the confidentiality of your designs. When you choose to change digitizers on a regular basis, you also put the confidentiality of your designs in grave danger, by making them more vulnerable to exposure before they hit the counters. However, when you have selected and rely upon a single embroidery digitizer for all your requirements, he/she automatically assumes the responsibility of keeping your patterns safe and secure.

Another major advantage of hiring the same embroidery digitiser time and again is that over a period of time they begin to recognize your order pattern and preferences. They come to understand your needs instinctively and help you save precious time on having to explain every minute detail. With this kind of a collaborative partnership, you are not only able to get your designs to the shelves in time each season, but also know that their quality and integrity are well taken care of.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Tie Together That Sorority Using an Embroidery Digitizing Service

There’s nothing that gives an eager freshman the sense of belonging like being part of a sorority. Most freshmen not only have their college decided in advance, but also know which sorority they’d like to be part of once they’re at the campus. Wearing a jersey with the name of their sorority plastered up front is a matter of pride for all. However, with college life being so exciting and chaotic, there’s no time for most to care for printed jerseys, with regular washing and ironing wearing out your sorority’s logo before the semester ends. This is where the services of an experienced embroidery digitizing firm can come in handy.

Embroidery digitizing is a process in which any kind of artwork is recreated into a digitized file, so that it can be read and executed by an embroidery machine to be sewed onto fabric. By choosing to digitize the logo of your sorority and getting it embroidered onto the jerseys or t-shirts handed out to freshmen and other members, you can not only save on a great deal of hassle, but also a great deal of money. With an expert embroidery digitizing firm in tow, you can have the logo of your sorority replicated to the tee on fabric. We, at Express Digitising understand how every element of a sorority’s logo is important, which is why we take extra care to replicate every color and angle to peerfection during the embroidery digitizing process. We also offer to create full back and left chest designs at flat rates, making it extremely affordable for students to wear their logos with pride.

By choosing to opt for Digitizing Embroidery, you gift your sorority’s logo a new lease of life. Since embroidery sews on the pattern of your logo onto the fabric, it tends to stay on for years at end. Unless tampered with intentionally, embroidery outlasts printed materials, since regular washing, ironing and minor tugging and pulling has little to no effect on its colors or shape. Thus, by choosing to go for embroidery digitizing for your sorority’s logo, you can make sure that your members get to wear their favorite jerseys to alumni meets years later as well.