Monday, 30 April 2012

What to expect of your embroidery digitizer at Express Digitising?

At Express Digitising, we understand that quality services need to be backed up with superior resources. This is why we only employ the best embroidery digitizers in the industry. We know that the key to delivering world class services lies in the hands of the ultimate executives and that only those with in-depth understanding of the craft can deliver immaculate designs.

We test each embroidery digitizer before employment not only on his/her understanding of needlework, but also on their skills in the latest software programs used to re-construct the artwork into digital files. Our in-house team of embroidery digitizers is adept at balancing the art and science of re-creating artwork, so that you only have the best designs on fabric. Our dedicated team is not only qualified to work with a wide range of fabrics and embroidery techniques, but also understand the intricacies of production runs, thereby giving you the freedom to get your favorite design on everything from simple shirts to tricky hats.

In order to offer you the most efficient and smoothest production runs, our professional embroidery digitizer will test each design for quality before delivery. He/she will not only ensure to check whether the fabric will be able to withstand the number of stitches, but also double check with varying machine speeds, thread tensions and backings. In case some of the designs are found to be “unstitchable”, our team will also offer to make some minor changes, so that your designs become embroidery-friendly, without losing out on their aesthetic value and meaning.

Our talented team holds considerable experience using the most popular software such as DST by Tajima, amongst others. Also, regular trainings and skill upgrades ensure that every embroidery digitizer on our team continues delivering the best services in the industry, at the quickest turnaround time possible, while using the most sophisticated tools.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Express Digitizing Your Corporate Casuals

Every business strives to create its own identity in the market, and the corporate is no different. One of the best ways to create a sense of belonging for your employees is to make them wear the colors of your company, or rather the logo. Just as teams representing different states and countries dress in the same jerseys, it instills a great sense of pride for your employees to be wearing their company’s designs. And, this is where express digitizing can be of help.

While printing your logos on uniforms can be the easy way out, it doesn’t necessarily turn out to be the most effective way. The decision to get your employees to wear your corporate logo can be valuable; however, the longevity of the garment and design is of prime importance. Creating a day for your corporate casuals will only have meaning when the artwork can withstand the test of time, or else it will be just another piece of clothing. All these factors combined makes embroidery the most favored means of putting corporate logos onto a whole range of corporate casuals.

Now, with the decision to have your logo in embroidery in place, the next step would be to get the design digitized. This means to get your logo in a form readable by an embroidery machine for express sewing. With express digitizing, you can get the logo of your corporate replicated to the tee, without having to compromise on color or quality. Express digitizing the logo also gives you the advantage of having it embroidered and ready to wear at the next casual Friday.

We, at, have been express digitizing corporate logos for almost a decade. This has helped us develop an efficient, custom workflow system capable of handling bulk orders with ease. While express digitizing your logo/artwork, we are mindful of quality, perfect replication, the fabric it is going to be sewn upon, and of course, value for money. So, you can go ahead and choose to get the logo onto a wide variety of jerseys, hats, t-shirts or jackets and rest assured that you will have only the choicest of professionals express digitizing the pride of your corporate.