Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Digitising Embroidery to Fire Up That Team Spirit

There is nothing that brings a team together like sporting the same colors and logo. The most famous teams in the world, whether they be baseball teams, cricket teams or even basketball teams, all sport jerseys in the same color with their numbers and logos printed upfront and are thus recognized easily by the same. However, if you have a local or small league team that is run on a budget, then getting your logo and motto stitched onto the jerseys makes a whole lot of sense. This can easily be achieved by getting the help of a digitising embroidery professional.

Digitising embroidery is the process in which digital artwork is turned into embroidery machine readable codes that can be delivered in a variety of formats, with DST by Tajima being the most popular one on the market. If you have a team logo and motto, it is best to get in touch with digitising embroidery professional so that he/she may guide you on the best way to put that onto fabric. With the right digitizer in tow, you can not only get your logo sewed onto a variety of fabrics for your player’s jerseys, but also get it on their caps. Wearing and seeing their motto will prove to be quite motivating on the field and bring about a sense of belonging for your team members.

One of the major advantages of digitising embroidery for team uniforms is that embroidery is not easily affected by the rough handling of players. By bringing in a digitising embroidery professional you can rest assured knowing that they will make the adequate changes to your design and create a program that makes your piece a sturdy addition to the uniforms, so much so that they are not easily affected by pulling and tugging, a common phenomenon on the field. Also, by converting your logo using digitising embroidery techniques you can send out the uniforms to the laundry without the need for a host of instructions. Even if they are washed in a regular cycle with hot water and ironed upon, an embroidered motto and logo will still retain its color and style.

So what are you waiting for? Get that logo digitized to fire up some team spirit today!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Benefits of Embroidery Digitising For the Regular Jane and Joe

While embroidery digitising is a concept that has become quite popular for industries where needlework is required on bulk items, it is also something that can be very useful for individuals. Gone are the days when people had the time to learn this intricate art and adorn their homes with custom embroidered pieces. With the advent of technology and a sonic pace of life, it has become almost impossible to take out the time to indulge in such fine work. However, this does not mean that embroidery should be given up on completely. With the help of embroidery digitising services, regular individuals can still make this fine craft a part of their homes and everyday lives.

Following are a few ways in which you, as an individual, can benefit from the use of embroidery digitising services:

Keeping Traditions Alive -
Most people remember certain embroidery patterns that have either been a specialty of their grandmother or are specific to the region they belong to. In order to recreate those memories and keep traditions going in the family, you could call upon a digitising embroidery professional to help you preserve those patterns by digitizing them and turning them into wall hangings, picture frame covers, table mats and even exquisite quilt covers that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Unique Gift Items – Weddings and housewarmings often call out for gift items that are not only useful, but also feature a warm touch of love. You could showcase your love for your dear ones by hiring the services of an embroidery digitising professional, who can turn the patterns of your choice into digitized files, which can then be used to get perfectly embroidered pieces on silk pillow cases and bedsheets, scarves, picture album covers and much more.

Preserving Memories – One of the most popular services offered by digitising embroidery firms are full-back portraits of loved ones. You could choose to honor the memory of your beloved pet or other dear ones who may not be with you anymore, by getting their portraits embroidered onto your jacket or jersey. You could also get something as elaborate as a family portrait done in embroidery to adorn your home with the memory of blissful times spent together. In either case, the cost and process of getting digitized embroidery will be much less than the recent trend of tattoos.