Monday, 27 August 2012

Embroidery Digitizing Services for Your Next Green Earth Campaign

With global warming on everyone’s mind and corporations as well as nonprofit organizations trying their best to create awareness, organic products are making a comeback through such initiatives. So, when it comes to supporting campaigns with free memorabilia or selling merchandise to raise funds, it only makes sense that all the products featured use 100% organic and environment safe materials. And, this is where investing in a good embroidery digitizing service comes in handy.

An embroidery digitizing service helps you digitize the artwork, logo or slogans you’d like to have stitched onto fabric to help spread your message. The process includes the conversion of artwork into a digital file, which will have the final machine readable code to instruct and guide the embroidery machine to embroider the pattern onto your fabric of choice. Choosing to have your messages, logos or slogans embroidered via an embroidery digitizing service instead of printing them will not only help them last longer, but also make the incorporation of environmentally safe materials easier instead of the usual chemicals and dyes.

With a good embroidery digitizing service in tow, you will have the freedom to get the artwork digitized for a range of t-shirts, jute bags, caps, table mats, and many other items of daily use, which can then be sold to raise funds or distributed freely for awareness. A professional service provider will make sure to make adjustments in the design as well as program to accommodate the push and pull factor of the fabric along with its quality to help bring out best results. An artwork or message can be made embroidery-friendly for almost any fabric, giving you the liberty to pick the most organic yet economical materials for your merchandise. Also by having a reliable embroidery digitizing service partner, you can have your merchandise designed and ready in no time before your next big campaign, since once he/she is familiar with the task on hand it will only help speed up his pace.

So go green without compromising on style, as you get custom Digitizing Embroidery services to help communicate your message and keep it environment friendly.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Make That Logo Last Longer by Investing in Embroidery Digitizing Services

Every firm seeks to reinstate the faith of its employees, time and again, to make them feel valued and a special part of the organization. For this, companies arrange for annual days, movie days and other expensive employee engagement programs. However, usually it is the simple things that count for any employer to earn that special place amongst its employees. For instance; having a uniform in the organization does wonders for the self esteem of employees, even as it makes them the brand ambassadors of that particular firm. A small logo on the uniform that speaks of the organization is of great worth to employees, making them feel a sense of belonging and much valued. And, this is where embroidery digitizing services come into the picture.

More often than not, companies choose to get their logos printed onto the fabric. While this seems to be a quick solution, these logos tend to fade away with time. Also, in other cases companies choose to get the logos embossed onto uniforms. But the downside of this type of printing is that although it sticks to the fabric for a longer time, the color starts to chip off even as the texture of the fabric continues to look swell. Choosing to invest in an embroidery digitizing service helps overcome both these drawbacks.

Embroidery digitizing service as a process, converts simple designs into digital files, which can be easily read by embroidery machines and is then stitched onto different types of fabrics. An embroidery digitizing service is a viable option and proves to be a sound investment, since it not only makes the logo last longer, but also allows the design to be stitched onto any kind of merchandise. Be it a cap, a jacket, a shirt or a bag, digitization helps get the designs onto a range of fabrics in no time, and the results are always flattering, giving your employees the liberty to flaunt their logos in a number of ways.

At Express Digitising, we offer varied embroidery digitizing services to our clients to make their uniforms stand out and speak for themselves. Our
digitising embroidery service entails highly optimized processes and a quick turnaround time, all at competitive prices. With the backing of a team of expert digitizers, we ensure that you get hassle-free service each time.