Friday, 15 March 2013

Digitizing Embroidery – Shrinking Designs

There will be times when someone requests, for example, a left chest size variation of the jacket back that you have just digitized and it will be up to you to explain that the entire digitizing embroidery process will have to be redone.

If you find yourself having to enlarge a design from a 4” chest size to a 12” jacket size, for example, you will need to have some or all of the design repunched or have satin stitched converted to fills. When it comes to satin and column stitches, if they get above a certain width you will need to use a fill stitch so that the machine is not making massive movements and the stitches aren’t too wide. If the stitch is too wide (for example a pencil is able to be inserted into the open end of the column) chances are far more likely that the stitching will snag and the embroidery will be ruined.

Detail should also be considered carefully. What may seem incredibly detailed at 4” wide looks fairly straightforward when enlarged to around 10” and gaps will appear between joints along with other elements that didn’t really present an issue in the smaller variation of the design. Keep in mind that when you enlarge the design by 200% you are also enlarging the gaps and spaces by 200%.

In comparison, if you want to shrink a design from jacket size the opposite is going to happen. Fill areas become smaller or narrower to use fill stitches properly and you will have to convert to satin stitched. Just like outlines, satin stitched that are reduced further need to be repunched with running stitches once they get below approximately 1.5mm wide.  You will probably notice that some of the design details even get too small to include in the final design and you will have to eliminate those.

It is important that you discuss these elements with your customer, particularly if they want to order both jacket and chest sized versions of the design. Sometimes if there is an element that will end up being too small for chest applications to be included the customer will choose to leave it off the larger version so that the two designs correspond.

Be sure to give your customer all the information they require to make an informed decision when ordering their Embroidery Digitising.