Saturday, 12 May 2012

What’s keeping an embroidery digitiser busy these days?

While it is expected that being an embroidery digitiser we would receive bulk orders from embroiderers, corporations and even design houses, but it is quite flattering to see a host of individuals turning up with their own special digitization requests. The requests from individuals are not just limited to portraits or special logos that they would like to sport, but rather they have stretched out to include a whole range of articles for:

Home Decoration – Those who love to add a touch of warmth to their personal space now have their sights set on the professional embroidery digitiser for help. Putting delicate designs onto wall hangings has been a trend that has been passed on from the time of our grandmothers; however, with no time to work on embroidery skills, it is best to leave the task to a professional, who can create designs as simple as bouquets, to entire sceneries in no time.

Furnishings – While pillow covers have been an all time favorite for embellishments, people are now getting embroidery digitisers to match those designs on bed sheets, table cloths, curtains, table mats and even specialty table lamps. With the help of an embroidery digitiser, you can now live out your interior decoration dreams at a fraction of the cost of designer items.

Accessories – Fashion forward individuals have begun requesting for custom artwork to be put in embroidery on their scarves, stoles, bags, caps and even footwear.

Clothing – Last, but not the least, individuals are now seeking out the services of a professional embroidery digitiser to put their favorite designs on cloth, instead of the traditional manual embroiderer. Not only are digitisers being approached for their ability to provide quick turnarounds, but also for their capability to replicate the designs to the tee. Also, the trend of requests has now shifted from women’s apparel to kid’s clothing, since embroidery proves to be a much safer option as compared to any other embellishments that could harm young ones.