Monday, 24 December 2012

How an Embroidery Digitizing Service Can Help You Play Office Santa

The holiday season almost always puts everyone in a good mood, especially employees who are looking forward to some time off after a long year of hard work. However, for those part of the Human Resource department it can be an unnerving time, since it is also that time of year when employees expect you to show them your appreciation by way of gifts or freebies. Therefore, before your staff heads home for the holidays, it becomes imperative for you to leave them with a gift or memento that not only shows them your appreciation, but is also easy on the company’s pocket. Hiring an embroidery digitizing service can help you solve part of this problem.

An embroidery digitizing service provider helps you recreate your company’s logo or other artwork into machine readable code that helps put gorgeous patterns on fabric in no time. This leaves you with a world of choices to gift your employees before the holidays. The next logical question to ask now would be how? By employing an embroidery digitizing service firm, you get the ability to place your company’s brand name or logo onto a variety of fabrics that can prove to be excellent gifts for the soon approaching Christmas or New Year. These gift items can be inclusive of Christmas stockings, mufflers, socks, gloves, hats, woolen caps, jerseys and much more. And, with such a large variety of gift options to choose from, you not only have the chance to offer presents that fit into the organization’s budget, but also hand out extras that can be shared by their family members.

Also, by employing an embroidery digitizing service before the beginning of the holiday season, you stand a chance to play office Santa, while promoting your brand. Distributing free goodies with your logos stitched onto them, this being taken care of by your embroidery digitizing service provider, helps you enjoy the best of both worlds, wherein you not only gain favor with your staff, but also help your brand make it into multiple households that too at the fraction of the cost of traditional TV or billboard advertising.

Friday, 7 December 2012

What to Expect Of a Professional Embroidery Digitizer?

At Express Digitising, we like to keep you informed about the various skills and processes involved in converting your artwork into custom digitized files, so that you are always left with a quality product at the end of the day that keeps you coming back for more. In this piece, we will try to acquaint you with the various skills and capabilities expected of a professional embroidery digitizer. These characteristics have always been given utmost priority while hiring our team of embroidery digitizers and are something that should be kept in mind while investing in an embroidery digitizing service by you as well.

Keen Analysis – One of the most important characteristics to look for in an embroidery digitizer, sharp analytical skills are what separate the amateurs from the professionals. With due analysis a digitizer is not only able to understand the software he/she is working with, but also know how the codes will be executed by the embroidery machine. In order to produce a top-quality embroidered piece, the digitizer must understand the synergies of both the software as well as the industrial machines.

Foresight – Yet another prized quality in experienced embroidery digitizers, foresight not only helps the professional create a code that produces the desired results effectively, but also efficiently. An experienced digitizer will always have a suggestion on how to make a design more “embroidery-friendly” by making a few changes to it after it is first presented for analysis. This ability to foresee also comes in handy to create an efficient digitized file that minimizes production run time.

Troubleshooting – An embroidery digitiser should have remarkable troubleshooting skills that help him/her create digitized files that eliminate production run errors. Taking into account a variety of factors including make of the fabric, thread strength, stitch pattern, etc., a professional embroidery digitizer will always aim at creating a file that runs smoothly after due quality checks and appropriate troubleshooting.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Digitising Embroidery to Help You Outshine At Costume Parties

There’s something about a good costume party that gets children as well adults going with excitement. It is not only the opportunity of being able to let out your alter ego or dress up as your favorite idol that makes the entire experience stimulating, but it is also the curiosity to witness the kind of creativity others put into their costumes as well that makes a costume party all the rage. One great way to help your children or even yourself truly stand out in a costume party is to get a professional digitising embroidery service provider to help customize your outfit with personalized embroidery designs.

The best part about involving an experienced digitising embroidery design house in your endeavor is that they not only help digitize your original designs, but can also help you zero in on the right kind of design for your costume. Since the digitising embroidery process is capable of adapting the code files as per the material, you can choose from a range of fabrics to put the designs on. Though the job of a digitising embroidery firm is to take your original artwork and turn it into embroidery machine readable code, it also operates as an advisory on the “sew-ability” of your designs and suggests changes accordingly. So, you can take the liberty of letting your imagination fly and still get wonderful results on fabric.

You could require the services of a embroidery digitising company for various costume party needs, which could vary from making that medieval robe look more convincing to putting life into your raggedy doll get up or even getting cartoon characters onto your kid’s outfit. Digitising embroidery has come far from its initial role of catering to major corporations lining up to get their logos, or design houses getting their clothing line embellished to now individuals using it to make their wardrobes stand out, for special occasions or otherwise.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kinds of Stitches Considered While Digitizing Embroidery

While a number of stitching patterns and techniques are used while digitizing embroidery in order to get you the desired results, we have enlisted below some of the most common types of stitches that are used to turn your design into a beautiful, embroidered piece.

The Running Stitch or Walk Stitch – This happens to be one of the three most widely used stitch patterns in embroidery and thus is considered while digitizing embroidery. The running stitch is created by making a single stitch between two points repeatedly. It is used to create underlays, outlines as well as fine detailing.

The Satin Stitch or Column Stitch – This stitch is created by making a diagonal pattern of stitches that go from one side of an area to the other, essentially making a zigzag pattern. One could also say that a closely placed zigzag stitch is used to create the satin stitch. The second most popular stitch in embroidery, it is used for outlining as well as lettering purposes. While digitizing embroidery, the satin stitch is kept within a range of 1.5 – 8 mm, since any wider could lead to snags.

The Fill Stitch or Tatami Stitch
– This happens to be the third most widely used stitch when embroidery digitizing, since it can be customized to create different types of patterns or fills by altering the length, angle and even direction of the stitching pattern. It is created by a series of running stitches that are used to cover or fill in large areas of the design.

The Tie Off or Lock Stitch – This stitching pattern is quite essential to Express Digitizing, since it is used to keep the embroidery from unraveling once the piece is complete, especially satin stitches wider than 1.2 mm. These lock stitches consist of a series of 3-4 stitches, approximately 1mm or less in size. They are used either right before a trim, or following a thread trim at the start of sewing again.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Employing an Embroidery Digitizing Service to Pep Up Your Wardrobe

Have you always dreamt of owning a wardrobe that looked classy and yet featured something nobody else could replicate? Do you have a million ideas for designs and yet cannot seem to get them onto fabric for a lack of skills? This is where a professional embroidery digitizing service can help you find a solution for all of the above issues.

You can now not only own a unique wardrobe, turning everyday clothing into special, custom-designed pieces with the help of an embroidery digitizing service, but also unleash the fashionista in you and get the ball rolling on your designer dreams. All you would need to do is to get your embroidery designs into an image file and send them over to us, so that we can turn them into special digitized files that help get your artwork sewn onto the fabric of your choice using an embroidery machine.

Choosing to go with a professional embroidery digitizing service, you eliminate the considerable time and money investment required to learn the intricate art of embroidery and then use your skills to bring your original designs to life. By having a dedicated embroidery digitizing service like ours in tow, you can not only expect the complete confidentiality of your original artwork, but also avail the benefits of economical flat rates that come with some of the more common digitizing jobs.

By employing an embroidery digitizing service, you can also take the liberty of putting your designs onto a variety of fabrics that match your artwork to the tee. These materials can range from more delicate fabrics such as silk scarves to tougher garments such as leather jackets, as our digitizers take into account the quality, strength and nature of the cloth before creating the code for the embroidery machines on the kind of stitch pattern and technique to use in order to get perfect results without ruining the material. Using our embroidery digitizing service, you can turn your regular wardrobe into designer wear in no time, while saving on the hassles of learning and doing embroidery, without compromising on quality.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Digitising Embroidery for a Special Halloween

Digitising embroidery has gone beyond the regular left chest logo and taken over a more interesting avatar off late. With more and more people becoming aware of the various ways in which they can put this technique to use, the process of digitising embroidery is being used to bring to life novel ideas on fabric. Not only are people using the technique to embrace the legacies left behind by their grandmothers, but they are also using it to develop custom artwork for special occasions.

Halloween is one such special occasion that calls for the most novel ideas to be let out of the box and put in front of the world to admire. Almost everyone celebrating this spooky occasion knows the importance of having a unique costume, with Hollywood stars being no different. Whether it is your own Halloween costume or those trick-or-treat bags that you would like to adorn with custom artwork, digitising embroidery can be of help on both occasions.

With proficiency in re-creating portraits to fine artwork as well as full back designs in digitized files for embroidery, we offer you the chance to stand out as a party host or guest. You can send in your own, original designs or an inspired creation to be turned into an embroidered piece for your next Halloween costume and make a grand entry to the party this year. You may also use our digitising embroidery services to help create innovative trick-or-treat candy bags that can be handed out to kids visiting your doorstep or even as party favors to your guests.

For the corporate, Embroidery Digitising on Halloween can offer yet another occasion for you to indulge in some subtle branding. You could have a contest, wherein you ask your employees to come up with the spookiest ways to present your company’s logo, with the winner taking home a custom embroidered t-shirt with their design on it. Or, you could even offer the winner a separate prize, with all employees being presented with the custom embroidered shirts, making a simple investment in digitising embroidery a great motivating and fun branding tool.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Digitising Embroidery to Fire Up That Team Spirit

There is nothing that brings a team together like sporting the same colors and logo. The most famous teams in the world, whether they be baseball teams, cricket teams or even basketball teams, all sport jerseys in the same color with their numbers and logos printed upfront and are thus recognized easily by the same. However, if you have a local or small league team that is run on a budget, then getting your logo and motto stitched onto the jerseys makes a whole lot of sense. This can easily be achieved by getting the help of a digitising embroidery professional.

Digitising embroidery is the process in which digital artwork is turned into embroidery machine readable codes that can be delivered in a variety of formats, with DST by Tajima being the most popular one on the market. If you have a team logo and motto, it is best to get in touch with digitising embroidery professional so that he/she may guide you on the best way to put that onto fabric. With the right digitizer in tow, you can not only get your logo sewed onto a variety of fabrics for your player’s jerseys, but also get it on their caps. Wearing and seeing their motto will prove to be quite motivating on the field and bring about a sense of belonging for your team members.

One of the major advantages of digitising embroidery for team uniforms is that embroidery is not easily affected by the rough handling of players. By bringing in a digitising embroidery professional you can rest assured knowing that they will make the adequate changes to your design and create a program that makes your piece a sturdy addition to the uniforms, so much so that they are not easily affected by pulling and tugging, a common phenomenon on the field. Also, by converting your logo using digitising embroidery techniques you can send out the uniforms to the laundry without the need for a host of instructions. Even if they are washed in a regular cycle with hot water and ironed upon, an embroidered motto and logo will still retain its color and style.

So what are you waiting for? Get that logo digitized to fire up some team spirit today!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Benefits of Embroidery Digitising For the Regular Jane and Joe

While embroidery digitising is a concept that has become quite popular for industries where needlework is required on bulk items, it is also something that can be very useful for individuals. Gone are the days when people had the time to learn this intricate art and adorn their homes with custom embroidered pieces. With the advent of technology and a sonic pace of life, it has become almost impossible to take out the time to indulge in such fine work. However, this does not mean that embroidery should be given up on completely. With the help of embroidery digitising services, regular individuals can still make this fine craft a part of their homes and everyday lives.

Following are a few ways in which you, as an individual, can benefit from the use of embroidery digitising services:

Keeping Traditions Alive -
Most people remember certain embroidery patterns that have either been a specialty of their grandmother or are specific to the region they belong to. In order to recreate those memories and keep traditions going in the family, you could call upon a digitising embroidery professional to help you preserve those patterns by digitizing them and turning them into wall hangings, picture frame covers, table mats and even exquisite quilt covers that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Unique Gift Items – Weddings and housewarmings often call out for gift items that are not only useful, but also feature a warm touch of love. You could showcase your love for your dear ones by hiring the services of an embroidery digitising professional, who can turn the patterns of your choice into digitized files, which can then be used to get perfectly embroidered pieces on silk pillow cases and bedsheets, scarves, picture album covers and much more.

Preserving Memories – One of the most popular services offered by digitising embroidery firms are full-back portraits of loved ones. You could choose to honor the memory of your beloved pet or other dear ones who may not be with you anymore, by getting their portraits embroidered onto your jacket or jersey. You could also get something as elaborate as a family portrait done in embroidery to adorn your home with the memory of blissful times spent together. In either case, the cost and process of getting digitized embroidery will be much less than the recent trend of tattoos.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Embroidery Digitizing Services for Your Next Green Earth Campaign

With global warming on everyone’s mind and corporations as well as nonprofit organizations trying their best to create awareness, organic products are making a comeback through such initiatives. So, when it comes to supporting campaigns with free memorabilia or selling merchandise to raise funds, it only makes sense that all the products featured use 100% organic and environment safe materials. And, this is where investing in a good embroidery digitizing service comes in handy.

An embroidery digitizing service helps you digitize the artwork, logo or slogans you’d like to have stitched onto fabric to help spread your message. The process includes the conversion of artwork into a digital file, which will have the final machine readable code to instruct and guide the embroidery machine to embroider the pattern onto your fabric of choice. Choosing to have your messages, logos or slogans embroidered via an embroidery digitizing service instead of printing them will not only help them last longer, but also make the incorporation of environmentally safe materials easier instead of the usual chemicals and dyes.

With a good embroidery digitizing service in tow, you will have the freedom to get the artwork digitized for a range of t-shirts, jute bags, caps, table mats, and many other items of daily use, which can then be sold to raise funds or distributed freely for awareness. A professional service provider will make sure to make adjustments in the design as well as program to accommodate the push and pull factor of the fabric along with its quality to help bring out best results. An artwork or message can be made embroidery-friendly for almost any fabric, giving you the liberty to pick the most organic yet economical materials for your merchandise. Also by having a reliable embroidery digitizing service partner, you can have your merchandise designed and ready in no time before your next big campaign, since once he/she is familiar with the task on hand it will only help speed up his pace.

So go green without compromising on style, as you get custom Digitizing Embroidery services to help communicate your message and keep it environment friendly.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Make That Logo Last Longer by Investing in Embroidery Digitizing Services

Every firm seeks to reinstate the faith of its employees, time and again, to make them feel valued and a special part of the organization. For this, companies arrange for annual days, movie days and other expensive employee engagement programs. However, usually it is the simple things that count for any employer to earn that special place amongst its employees. For instance; having a uniform in the organization does wonders for the self esteem of employees, even as it makes them the brand ambassadors of that particular firm. A small logo on the uniform that speaks of the organization is of great worth to employees, making them feel a sense of belonging and much valued. And, this is where embroidery digitizing services come into the picture.

More often than not, companies choose to get their logos printed onto the fabric. While this seems to be a quick solution, these logos tend to fade away with time. Also, in other cases companies choose to get the logos embossed onto uniforms. But the downside of this type of printing is that although it sticks to the fabric for a longer time, the color starts to chip off even as the texture of the fabric continues to look swell. Choosing to invest in an embroidery digitizing service helps overcome both these drawbacks.

Embroidery digitizing service as a process, converts simple designs into digital files, which can be easily read by embroidery machines and is then stitched onto different types of fabrics. An embroidery digitizing service is a viable option and proves to be a sound investment, since it not only makes the logo last longer, but also allows the design to be stitched onto any kind of merchandise. Be it a cap, a jacket, a shirt or a bag, digitization helps get the designs onto a range of fabrics in no time, and the results are always flattering, giving your employees the liberty to flaunt their logos in a number of ways.

At Express Digitising, we offer varied embroidery digitizing services to our clients to make their uniforms stand out and speak for themselves. Our
digitising embroidery service entails highly optimized processes and a quick turnaround time, all at competitive prices. With the backing of a team of expert digitizers, we ensure that you get hassle-free service each time.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Taking your Fashion House Places with a Dedicated Embroidery Digitizer

Every season brings with it a whole new range of fresh fashion trends. With the western fashion market having a huge influence on the orient, every year one gets to sport varied kinds of trends. However, if we talk about one fashion trend that has maintained its worth down the ages and has continued to earn a coveted space in wardrobes all across the globe, it is embroidery. Be it scarves, overcoats, hats, sweaters or even handbags, elegant embroidery is something that has been a thing of fancy for generations of mothers, grandmothers and daughters alike. With this trend attaining a global stature, the embroidery digitizer has also gained prime importance in the fashion market.

An embroidery digitizer is responsible for converting your designs into digitized formats, which are then read by smart embroidery machines that stitch the artwork onto the fabric. This method is highly convenient and serves a great deal of purposes for fashion houses and apparel brands. While you may find a plethora of embroidery digitizers operating in a singular capacity, you would benefit from collaborating with a digitization company that hosts a team of embroidery digitizers, so that you can benefit from the collective experience and professional touch that comes with having a dedicated professional allocated for your work. There can also be times when a particular design is not embroidery friendly and cannot be stitched onto a particular fabric. At such times, a professional embroidery digitizer fine-tunes the design to make it ‘stitch friendly’ and fit for production.

At Express Digitising, we make sure that your fashion house rolls out trendy embroidery merchandise, season after season, to impress loyalists from across the world. Backed with a highly skilled team, we provide affordable services to our clients with a quick turnaround time and optimized processes. Offering the services of a dedicated embroidery digitizer for assignments has helped us emerge as a preferred name in the industry that many fashion houses, apparel brands and other entities desire to reckon with.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Embroidery Digitizer Factsheet

At Express Digitising, we make sure that you get the best possible digitization service in the industry. However, that is made possible only with the help of a talented team of embroidery digitizers that work behind the scenes to make your vision come alive on fabric. While software skills and a keen understanding of embroidery practices is what everyone primarily looks for before hiring an embroidery digitizer, we go ahead to ensure the following traits as well for our team members:
  • Analysis: Digitization not only uses software, but is also affected by the dynamics of thread, stitch and fabric. We make sure that the embroidery digitizer hired by us has the right analytical skills to effectively use the synergies of software and machine in order to produce the desired results.
  • Investigation: We only hire such embroidery digitizers who have a knack for research and investigation, as we believe to get the right output a digitizer will have to go through a number of stitch styles, font types, color combinations and more before he can begin replicating your creation in code.
  • Foresight: An embroidery digitizer should be able to have enough foresight, so that he can pre-conceive the consequences of a particular change, rather than always rely on the time-consuming trial and error method. He should also have enough experience to be able to look at a design and judge whether it is embroidery-friendly or not, and what kind of changes can help it retain its identity, while making it more stitchable.
  • Troubleshoot: One of the major responsibilities of an Embroidery Digitiser is to be quick with issue resolutions. We ensure that each of our talented team members work with a solution-oriented approach, so that they can replicate your artwork to the tee, while ensuring seamless production runs later.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Why Outsourcing Your Embroidery Digitizing Makes Sense?

Growth and ambition are the only two constants that ensure the survival of a business in a competitive economy like todays. Given the amount of time and energy it takes to keep up growth initiatives, it makes one wish that there’d be more than 24 hours in a day to accomplish tasks. However, since that’s something unlikely to happen, it only makes sense to outsource a few specialized tasks such as embroidery digitizing to a professional agency that can deliver high quality output at a much lower cost than it would take to run the same in-house.

Cost saving is one of the foremost motivators that has made our clients take the decision to outsource their Digitizing Embroidery. It is not only due to our competitive pricing, but also since they end up saving on infrastructure costs, costs related to acquiring talent, retaining and nurturing this talent, as well as other auxiliary costs like paying for initial and subsequent upgrades of digitization software. Also, having professional embroidery digitizing service partner on call gives you the flexibility to deal with varying workloads and automatically downsize or upgrade according to your needs, without worrying much about how those numbers would look on your annual report.

The second most important factor that makes it worth your while to outsource the embroidery digitizing part of your business is saving time. Since running an additional department takes a considerable time investment, from delegating tasks to supervising productivity and everything in between, by outsourcing it you could utilize such free time to strategize and work on moving ahead. You could use this time to rather concentrate on your core business and let professional embroidery digitizing service provider handle the rest. Also, needless to say, since you will be entrusting a professional company in the field of embroidery digitizing, you can also expect to receive output that ranks high on quality and is delivered well within the framework of your timelines.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Digitising Embroidery and Tattoo Art: A Comparison

We believe that embroidery has always been a way of preserving memories and self expression much like any other artistic endeavor such as getting tattoos. Both arts have given communities a way of preserving elements symbolic of their culture and passing them down to generations. Just like tattoo parlors have become the next step to elders of the tribe imprinting the young, digitising embroidery is the next step to what we have been used to seeing our grandmothers labor over.

Much like getting a tattoo, digitising embroidery involves a process. Just like you would walk over to a tattoo artist with your vision and ask how it can be best brought to life on your body, similarly a digitising embroidery professional or digitizer is the person who lets you know about the “sewability” of your design.

The nest step involves the collaboration. In case your artwork is deemed embroidery-friendly, our team of artists begins developing the design as a digital file using embroidery software. However, just as a tattoo artist may at times come back with modifications to help deliver a design that is both executable and yet, evokes the same emotion as the original; in the process of digitising embroidery, our digitizers may get back to you with an alternate that would be stitch-friendly, without losing out on the essence of your design. The aim being to deliver an end product that takes your artwork or philosophy and puts it onto a completely different medium to convey the message in a manner that is admired by one and all.

While in terms of execution the similarities between tattoo art and digitising embroidery seem to end here, the essence remains the same. With clients coming to us with requests for left chest, portrait and full back designs, we could not help but draw a comparison. However, choosing embroidery to preserve your memories or values for life does prove to be an absolutely painless way of self-expression. And, not to mention, the benefit of flat rates makes digitising embroidery all the more charming.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Digitizing Embroidery – A Solution for Everyone

It is commonly believed that digitizing embroidery only works for people with bulk orders or large scale design houses. However, we would like to differ. At Express Digitising, we have worked on digitizing requests from individuals as well as companies from all walks of life and would like to share some of the experiences:

PR /Event Management Companies – In recent times, an increasing number of event management firms have been approaching us for their digitizing embroidery needs. Their requests mostly revolve around getting the logos of their client companies on an innovative range of items or merchandise. These have included hats, hoodies, jackets, scarves, bags and even belts, so that their branding initiatives are sustainable and reach far and wide.

Boutique Designers – Designers trying to establish their brand’s image in the local market have also shown interest in making use of our digitizing embroidery services. Their requests mostly centre around getting signature pieces created for an entire collection, along with matching pieces for accessories.

Gift Shops – Specialty gift shops too have been keen on shifting back to the reliability of embroidered designs in the face of printed artwork that has a tendency to peel off and fade away. They call upon our digitizing embroidery services to create custom bed sheets, pillow cases, t-shirts or even elaborate photo frames, so that their merchandise not only stands out in terms of design, but also innovation.

Individuals – A whole range of individuals have approached us over the past few years to take the help of digitizing embroidery in order to place their favorite designs on their backs or walls. Biking enthusiast have come up with interesting requests to put their favorite set of wheels on their leather jackets or flags, helping them enjoy the artwork without having to worry much about wear and tear. Even housewives have taken a liking to the art of digitizing embroidery, since it gives them the credit of skillfully replicating their grandmother’s designs for wall hangings, lamp shades, tea cozies, etc. without having to toil away or put in half the time.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

What’s keeping an embroidery digitiser busy these days?

While it is expected that being an embroidery digitiser we would receive bulk orders from embroiderers, corporations and even design houses, but it is quite flattering to see a host of individuals turning up with their own special digitization requests. The requests from individuals are not just limited to portraits or special logos that they would like to sport, but rather they have stretched out to include a whole range of articles for:

Home Decoration – Those who love to add a touch of warmth to their personal space now have their sights set on the professional embroidery digitiser for help. Putting delicate designs onto wall hangings has been a trend that has been passed on from the time of our grandmothers; however, with no time to work on embroidery skills, it is best to leave the task to a professional, who can create designs as simple as bouquets, to entire sceneries in no time.

Furnishings – While pillow covers have been an all time favorite for embellishments, people are now getting embroidery digitisers to match those designs on bed sheets, table cloths, curtains, table mats and even specialty table lamps. With the help of an embroidery digitiser, you can now live out your interior decoration dreams at a fraction of the cost of designer items.

Accessories – Fashion forward individuals have begun requesting for custom artwork to be put in embroidery on their scarves, stoles, bags, caps and even footwear.

Clothing – Last, but not the least, individuals are now seeking out the services of a professional embroidery digitiser to put their favorite designs on cloth, instead of the traditional manual embroiderer. Not only are digitisers being approached for their ability to provide quick turnarounds, but also for their capability to replicate the designs to the tee. Also, the trend of requests has now shifted from women’s apparel to kid’s clothing, since embroidery proves to be a much safer option as compared to any other embellishments that could harm young ones.

Monday, 30 April 2012

What to expect of your embroidery digitizer at Express Digitising?

At Express Digitising, we understand that quality services need to be backed up with superior resources. This is why we only employ the best embroidery digitizers in the industry. We know that the key to delivering world class services lies in the hands of the ultimate executives and that only those with in-depth understanding of the craft can deliver immaculate designs.

We test each embroidery digitizer before employment not only on his/her understanding of needlework, but also on their skills in the latest software programs used to re-construct the artwork into digital files. Our in-house team of embroidery digitizers is adept at balancing the art and science of re-creating artwork, so that you only have the best designs on fabric. Our dedicated team is not only qualified to work with a wide range of fabrics and embroidery techniques, but also understand the intricacies of production runs, thereby giving you the freedom to get your favorite design on everything from simple shirts to tricky hats.

In order to offer you the most efficient and smoothest production runs, our professional embroidery digitizer will test each design for quality before delivery. He/she will not only ensure to check whether the fabric will be able to withstand the number of stitches, but also double check with varying machine speeds, thread tensions and backings. In case some of the designs are found to be “unstitchable”, our team will also offer to make some minor changes, so that your designs become embroidery-friendly, without losing out on their aesthetic value and meaning.

Our talented team holds considerable experience using the most popular software such as DST by Tajima, amongst others. Also, regular trainings and skill upgrades ensure that every embroidery digitizer on our team continues delivering the best services in the industry, at the quickest turnaround time possible, while using the most sophisticated tools.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Express Digitizing Your Corporate Casuals

Every business strives to create its own identity in the market, and the corporate is no different. One of the best ways to create a sense of belonging for your employees is to make them wear the colors of your company, or rather the logo. Just as teams representing different states and countries dress in the same jerseys, it instills a great sense of pride for your employees to be wearing their company’s designs. And, this is where express digitizing can be of help.

While printing your logos on uniforms can be the easy way out, it doesn’t necessarily turn out to be the most effective way. The decision to get your employees to wear your corporate logo can be valuable; however, the longevity of the garment and design is of prime importance. Creating a day for your corporate casuals will only have meaning when the artwork can withstand the test of time, or else it will be just another piece of clothing. All these factors combined makes embroidery the most favored means of putting corporate logos onto a whole range of corporate casuals.

Now, with the decision to have your logo in embroidery in place, the next step would be to get the design digitized. This means to get your logo in a form readable by an embroidery machine for express sewing. With express digitizing, you can get the logo of your corporate replicated to the tee, without having to compromise on color or quality. Express digitizing the logo also gives you the advantage of having it embroidered and ready to wear at the next casual Friday.

We, at, have been express digitizing corporate logos for almost a decade. This has helped us develop an efficient, custom workflow system capable of handling bulk orders with ease. While express digitizing your logo/artwork, we are mindful of quality, perfect replication, the fabric it is going to be sewn upon, and of course, value for money. So, you can go ahead and choose to get the logo onto a wide variety of jerseys, hats, t-shirts or jackets and rest assured that you will have only the choicest of professionals express digitizing the pride of your corporate.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Global Embroidery Digitizing Service

At Express Digitizing, we do not believe in limiting our horizons in terms of geography, just as we wouldn’t imagine asking our customers to limit their horizons in terms of creativity. This is why we have made every effort to make our embroidery digitizing service available to you, no matter which part of the globe you belong to.

Irrespective of your location, you can now have access to our quality embroidery digitizing service at the click of a button, courtesy the internet. Following are a few of the measures we have taken in order to serve you better, without letting distance become a setback.
  • Online Order Form: Our online order forms are easy to use and give you a direct line to our checking unit. In order to speed up the initiation process, we have the online order forms taken care of by our dedicated unit, who gets in touch with you to understand your exact expectations from our embroidery digitizing service.
  • Quick Free Quote: For those of you who would be trying our embroidery digitizing service for the first time, we offer you the facility of a free quick quote. This no-obligation quote helps you take a call on whether you will be receiving full value for your money or not. And, in case you beg to differ, we are always open to discussion.
  • Delivery: Once your design has been digitized and tested for quality, we will be e-mailing it to you, in the format of your choice. So, whether you are 10 miles away, or 10,000, you can be assured of a timely, no-fuss delivery.
  • Online Support: No embroidery digitizing service provider can claim 100% customer satisfaction without adequate support. Our attentive team of support professionals is available online, so that they can get you the help you need at the earliest. Adept and trained to troubleshoot with efficiency, we make sure that we are always “available” for our customers.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Creating a Niche for Your Label with a Personal Embroidery Digitiser

The world of fashion is probably as unpredictable as the weather. What is “in” this season can be an absolute no-no the next. With trends changing at the speed of lightning, it can be quite a tedious task to create a niche for your label and especially maintain it thereafter. In such unsteady circumstances, time becomes of the essence if you need to make your collection a hit. For this, you need a reliable process that gets your collection from the tailoring bench to the racks in no time.

When delicate embroidery or artwork makes up a major part of your collection, it becomes necessary to support it with an embroidery digitiser who can honor your request in the least possible time, without compromising on quality. Having a personal embroidery digitiser becomes absolutely essential, as with strict timelines there remains no scope for error. Most apparel companies and fashion designers thus choose to work with a single, trusted embroidery digitiser, who understands the nature of their industry and can step up to the challenge.

At Express Digitising, we understand the specific needs of the fashion and apparel industry. This is why we have a sizable team of skilled embroidery digitisers, who can handle your request at the earliest. With thorough professionals recreating your designs, we assure you of high quality embroidery pieces each time. Our team of talented professionals not only ensures that the design is perfectly stitched, but also that the quality of the fabric is preserved in the process.

We employ only the best embroidery digitisers in the industry, who are then trained to not only understand the intricacies of the software, but also the execution mechanism of the embroidery machine. This is done to ensure minimum thread breakage and fully optimize end processes, so that you have an end result that matches your vision. We take the time to understand your particular needs, so that over a period of time our embroidery digitisers know from intuition how to best handle your request and even surpass expectations.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Peek into the Intricate World of Digitising Embroidery

At Express Digitising, we do not treat digitising embroidery as just another task; we rather look at it as an art. However, treating it like a work of art does not mean that we disregard the process that helps bring your creations to life on time. For this, over a period of time we have created a method that helps digitising embroidery retain its artistic appeal for us, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

From when you place the order – Once we receive your order for digitising embroidery, whether via email or order form, it is immediately dispatched to the order checking unit. The specific function of our order checking unit is to understand your requirement and clarify any doubts before commencing work on the order, so that there are minimum holdups later.

To Getting It Right – Once a confirmation is received, our dedicated team assigns the job to the appropriate team that matches the specifications on your digitising embroidery order. The appropriate digitisers then work to not only materialize your request, but also do so within the stipulated time, while upholding the highest quality standards. During the execution, they don many hats like that of a software expert, machinery specialist, visionary and troubleshooter in order to get you the results you expect and more.

And, Ensuring A Perfect Match – At Express Digitising, it is not enough for us to just get the job done, rather we strive to get it done perfectly. This is why we support our digitising embroidery processes with two rounds of quality checks. The first round ensures that the job is done to match your specifications, while the second round ensures that the design is production-ready. Before delivering the final product to you, we make sure that it does not require any extra trims, or have an excessive stitch count.

Last but not the least, the files with the digitized design is then handed over to you in the format of your choice. However, our job of digitising embroidery does not end here, as we offer 24/7 online support should you need any trouble shooting.