Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Digitising Embroidery and Tattoo Art: A Comparison

We believe that embroidery has always been a way of preserving memories and self expression much like any other artistic endeavor such as getting tattoos. Both arts have given communities a way of preserving elements symbolic of their culture and passing them down to generations. Just like tattoo parlors have become the next step to elders of the tribe imprinting the young, digitising embroidery is the next step to what we have been used to seeing our grandmothers labor over.

Much like getting a tattoo, digitising embroidery involves a process. Just like you would walk over to a tattoo artist with your vision and ask how it can be best brought to life on your body, similarly a digitising embroidery professional or digitizer is the person who lets you know about the “sewability” of your design.

The nest step involves the collaboration. In case your artwork is deemed embroidery-friendly, our team of artists begins developing the design as a digital file using embroidery software. However, just as a tattoo artist may at times come back with modifications to help deliver a design that is both executable and yet, evokes the same emotion as the original; in the process of digitising embroidery, our digitizers may get back to you with an alternate that would be stitch-friendly, without losing out on the essence of your design. The aim being to deliver an end product that takes your artwork or philosophy and puts it onto a completely different medium to convey the message in a manner that is admired by one and all.

While in terms of execution the similarities between tattoo art and digitising embroidery seem to end here, the essence remains the same. With clients coming to us with requests for left chest, portrait and full back designs, we could not help but draw a comparison. However, choosing embroidery to preserve your memories or values for life does prove to be an absolutely painless way of self-expression. And, not to mention, the benefit of flat rates makes digitising embroidery all the more charming.