Sunday, 3 June 2012

Digitizing Embroidery – A Solution for Everyone

It is commonly believed that digitizing embroidery only works for people with bulk orders or large scale design houses. However, we would like to differ. At Express Digitising, we have worked on digitizing requests from individuals as well as companies from all walks of life and would like to share some of the experiences:

PR /Event Management Companies – In recent times, an increasing number of event management firms have been approaching us for their digitizing embroidery needs. Their requests mostly revolve around getting the logos of their client companies on an innovative range of items or merchandise. These have included hats, hoodies, jackets, scarves, bags and even belts, so that their branding initiatives are sustainable and reach far and wide.

Boutique Designers – Designers trying to establish their brand’s image in the local market have also shown interest in making use of our digitizing embroidery services. Their requests mostly centre around getting signature pieces created for an entire collection, along with matching pieces for accessories.

Gift Shops – Specialty gift shops too have been keen on shifting back to the reliability of embroidered designs in the face of printed artwork that has a tendency to peel off and fade away. They call upon our digitizing embroidery services to create custom bed sheets, pillow cases, t-shirts or even elaborate photo frames, so that their merchandise not only stands out in terms of design, but also innovation.

Individuals – A whole range of individuals have approached us over the past few years to take the help of digitizing embroidery in order to place their favorite designs on their backs or walls. Biking enthusiast have come up with interesting requests to put their favorite set of wheels on their leather jackets or flags, helping them enjoy the artwork without having to worry much about wear and tear. Even housewives have taken a liking to the art of digitizing embroidery, since it gives them the credit of skillfully replicating their grandmother’s designs for wall hangings, lamp shades, tea cozies, etc. without having to toil away or put in half the time.

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