Thursday, 25 October 2012

Employing an Embroidery Digitizing Service to Pep Up Your Wardrobe

Have you always dreamt of owning a wardrobe that looked classy and yet featured something nobody else could replicate? Do you have a million ideas for designs and yet cannot seem to get them onto fabric for a lack of skills? This is where a professional embroidery digitizing service can help you find a solution for all of the above issues.

You can now not only own a unique wardrobe, turning everyday clothing into special, custom-designed pieces with the help of an embroidery digitizing service, but also unleash the fashionista in you and get the ball rolling on your designer dreams. All you would need to do is to get your embroidery designs into an image file and send them over to us, so that we can turn them into special digitized files that help get your artwork sewn onto the fabric of your choice using an embroidery machine.

Choosing to go with a professional embroidery digitizing service, you eliminate the considerable time and money investment required to learn the intricate art of embroidery and then use your skills to bring your original designs to life. By having a dedicated embroidery digitizing service like ours in tow, you can not only expect the complete confidentiality of your original artwork, but also avail the benefits of economical flat rates that come with some of the more common digitizing jobs.

By employing an embroidery digitizing service, you can also take the liberty of putting your designs onto a variety of fabrics that match your artwork to the tee. These materials can range from more delicate fabrics such as silk scarves to tougher garments such as leather jackets, as our digitizers take into account the quality, strength and nature of the cloth before creating the code for the embroidery machines on the kind of stitch pattern and technique to use in order to get perfect results without ruining the material. Using our embroidery digitizing service, you can turn your regular wardrobe into designer wear in no time, while saving on the hassles of learning and doing embroidery, without compromising on quality.