Friday, 5 October 2012

Digitising Embroidery for a Special Halloween

Digitising embroidery has gone beyond the regular left chest logo and taken over a more interesting avatar off late. With more and more people becoming aware of the various ways in which they can put this technique to use, the process of digitising embroidery is being used to bring to life novel ideas on fabric. Not only are people using the technique to embrace the legacies left behind by their grandmothers, but they are also using it to develop custom artwork for special occasions.

Halloween is one such special occasion that calls for the most novel ideas to be let out of the box and put in front of the world to admire. Almost everyone celebrating this spooky occasion knows the importance of having a unique costume, with Hollywood stars being no different. Whether it is your own Halloween costume or those trick-or-treat bags that you would like to adorn with custom artwork, digitising embroidery can be of help on both occasions.

With proficiency in re-creating portraits to fine artwork as well as full back designs in digitized files for embroidery, we offer you the chance to stand out as a party host or guest. You can send in your own, original designs or an inspired creation to be turned into an embroidered piece for your next Halloween costume and make a grand entry to the party this year. You may also use our digitising embroidery services to help create innovative trick-or-treat candy bags that can be handed out to kids visiting your doorstep or even as party favors to your guests.

For the corporate, Embroidery Digitising on Halloween can offer yet another occasion for you to indulge in some subtle branding. You could have a contest, wherein you ask your employees to come up with the spookiest ways to present your company’s logo, with the winner taking home a custom embroidered t-shirt with their design on it. Or, you could even offer the winner a separate prize, with all employees being presented with the custom embroidered shirts, making a simple investment in digitising embroidery a great motivating and fun branding tool.

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