Sunday, 11 March 2012

Creating a Niche for Your Label with a Personal Embroidery Digitiser

The world of fashion is probably as unpredictable as the weather. What is “in” this season can be an absolute no-no the next. With trends changing at the speed of lightning, it can be quite a tedious task to create a niche for your label and especially maintain it thereafter. In such unsteady circumstances, time becomes of the essence if you need to make your collection a hit. For this, you need a reliable process that gets your collection from the tailoring bench to the racks in no time.

When delicate embroidery or artwork makes up a major part of your collection, it becomes necessary to support it with an embroidery digitiser who can honor your request in the least possible time, without compromising on quality. Having a personal embroidery digitiser becomes absolutely essential, as with strict timelines there remains no scope for error. Most apparel companies and fashion designers thus choose to work with a single, trusted embroidery digitiser, who understands the nature of their industry and can step up to the challenge.

At Express Digitising, we understand the specific needs of the fashion and apparel industry. This is why we have a sizable team of skilled embroidery digitisers, who can handle your request at the earliest. With thorough professionals recreating your designs, we assure you of high quality embroidery pieces each time. Our team of talented professionals not only ensures that the design is perfectly stitched, but also that the quality of the fabric is preserved in the process.

We employ only the best embroidery digitisers in the industry, who are then trained to not only understand the intricacies of the software, but also the execution mechanism of the embroidery machine. This is done to ensure minimum thread breakage and fully optimize end processes, so that you have an end result that matches your vision. We take the time to understand your particular needs, so that over a period of time our embroidery digitisers know from intuition how to best handle your request and even surpass expectations.

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