Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Peek into the Intricate World of Digitising Embroidery

At Express Digitising, we do not treat digitising embroidery as just another task; we rather look at it as an art. However, treating it like a work of art does not mean that we disregard the process that helps bring your creations to life on time. For this, over a period of time we have created a method that helps digitising embroidery retain its artistic appeal for us, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

From when you place the order – Once we receive your order for digitising embroidery, whether via email or order form, it is immediately dispatched to the order checking unit. The specific function of our order checking unit is to understand your requirement and clarify any doubts before commencing work on the order, so that there are minimum holdups later.

To Getting It Right – Once a confirmation is received, our dedicated team assigns the job to the appropriate team that matches the specifications on your digitising embroidery order. The appropriate digitisers then work to not only materialize your request, but also do so within the stipulated time, while upholding the highest quality standards. During the execution, they don many hats like that of a software expert, machinery specialist, visionary and troubleshooter in order to get you the results you expect and more.

And, Ensuring A Perfect Match – At Express Digitising, it is not enough for us to just get the job done, rather we strive to get it done perfectly. This is why we support our digitising embroidery processes with two rounds of quality checks. The first round ensures that the job is done to match your specifications, while the second round ensures that the design is production-ready. Before delivering the final product to you, we make sure that it does not require any extra trims, or have an excessive stitch count.

Last but not the least, the files with the digitized design is then handed over to you in the format of your choice. However, our job of digitising embroidery does not end here, as we offer 24/7 online support should you need any trouble shooting.

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