Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Embroidery Digitizer Factsheet

At Express Digitising, we make sure that you get the best possible digitization service in the industry. However, that is made possible only with the help of a talented team of embroidery digitizers that work behind the scenes to make your vision come alive on fabric. While software skills and a keen understanding of embroidery practices is what everyone primarily looks for before hiring an embroidery digitizer, we go ahead to ensure the following traits as well for our team members:
  • Analysis: Digitization not only uses software, but is also affected by the dynamics of thread, stitch and fabric. We make sure that the embroidery digitizer hired by us has the right analytical skills to effectively use the synergies of software and machine in order to produce the desired results.
  • Investigation: We only hire such embroidery digitizers who have a knack for research and investigation, as we believe to get the right output a digitizer will have to go through a number of stitch styles, font types, color combinations and more before he can begin replicating your creation in code.
  • Foresight: An embroidery digitizer should be able to have enough foresight, so that he can pre-conceive the consequences of a particular change, rather than always rely on the time-consuming trial and error method. He should also have enough experience to be able to look at a design and judge whether it is embroidery-friendly or not, and what kind of changes can help it retain its identity, while making it more stitchable.
  • Troubleshoot: One of the major responsibilities of an Embroidery Digitiser is to be quick with issue resolutions. We ensure that each of our talented team members work with a solution-oriented approach, so that they can replicate your artwork to the tee, while ensuring seamless production runs later.