Monday, 23 July 2012

Taking your Fashion House Places with a Dedicated Embroidery Digitizer

Every season brings with it a whole new range of fresh fashion trends. With the western fashion market having a huge influence on the orient, every year one gets to sport varied kinds of trends. However, if we talk about one fashion trend that has maintained its worth down the ages and has continued to earn a coveted space in wardrobes all across the globe, it is embroidery. Be it scarves, overcoats, hats, sweaters or even handbags, elegant embroidery is something that has been a thing of fancy for generations of mothers, grandmothers and daughters alike. With this trend attaining a global stature, the embroidery digitizer has also gained prime importance in the fashion market.

An embroidery digitizer is responsible for converting your designs into digitized formats, which are then read by smart embroidery machines that stitch the artwork onto the fabric. This method is highly convenient and serves a great deal of purposes for fashion houses and apparel brands. While you may find a plethora of embroidery digitizers operating in a singular capacity, you would benefit from collaborating with a digitization company that hosts a team of embroidery digitizers, so that you can benefit from the collective experience and professional touch that comes with having a dedicated professional allocated for your work. There can also be times when a particular design is not embroidery friendly and cannot be stitched onto a particular fabric. At such times, a professional embroidery digitizer fine-tunes the design to make it ‘stitch friendly’ and fit for production.

At Express Digitising, we make sure that your fashion house rolls out trendy embroidery merchandise, season after season, to impress loyalists from across the world. Backed with a highly skilled team, we provide affordable services to our clients with a quick turnaround time and optimized processes. Offering the services of a dedicated embroidery digitizer for assignments has helped us emerge as a preferred name in the industry that many fashion houses, apparel brands and other entities desire to reckon with.