Friday, 7 December 2012

What to Expect Of a Professional Embroidery Digitizer?

At Express Digitising, we like to keep you informed about the various skills and processes involved in converting your artwork into custom digitized files, so that you are always left with a quality product at the end of the day that keeps you coming back for more. In this piece, we will try to acquaint you with the various skills and capabilities expected of a professional embroidery digitizer. These characteristics have always been given utmost priority while hiring our team of embroidery digitizers and are something that should be kept in mind while investing in an embroidery digitizing service by you as well.

Keen Analysis – One of the most important characteristics to look for in an embroidery digitizer, sharp analytical skills are what separate the amateurs from the professionals. With due analysis a digitizer is not only able to understand the software he/she is working with, but also know how the codes will be executed by the embroidery machine. In order to produce a top-quality embroidered piece, the digitizer must understand the synergies of both the software as well as the industrial machines.

Foresight – Yet another prized quality in experienced embroidery digitizers, foresight not only helps the professional create a code that produces the desired results effectively, but also efficiently. An experienced digitizer will always have a suggestion on how to make a design more “embroidery-friendly” by making a few changes to it after it is first presented for analysis. This ability to foresee also comes in handy to create an efficient digitized file that minimizes production run time.

Troubleshooting – An embroidery digitiser should have remarkable troubleshooting skills that help him/her create digitized files that eliminate production run errors. Taking into account a variety of factors including make of the fabric, thread strength, stitch pattern, etc., a professional embroidery digitizer will always aim at creating a file that runs smoothly after due quality checks and appropriate troubleshooting.