Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Accentuate Columbus Day Celebrations with an Embroidery Digitizer

With Columbus Day round the corner marking the discovery of the Americas, you can easily have loads of fun discovering how an embroidery digitizer can help you impress your loved ones with lovely decorations and party favors. Just like every other holiday gives you the opportunity to gather around and express your love for your friends and family, Columbus Day too happens to be a great reason to host themed barbecues and parties that bring people together.

Columbus Day represents the spirit of exploration and getting your guests party favors and accessories under the same theme can prove to be a wonderful way to conclude the celebrations. An embroidery digitizer is the person responsible for converting custom or borrowed designs into embroidery machine readable code, so that you can have your vision sewed onto fabric.

Considering the theme of Columbus Day, you can easily have special table covers, party hats and even aprons adorned in the designs of your choice. All you would need to do is to give or tell your embroidery digitizer about the design and fabric you would like to have digitized and embroidered. The embroidery digitizer will then either offer you an altered, more embroidery-friendly design for approval or straight away digitize the same, so that you do not lose any time during preparations.

Getting the word “explorer” embroidered onto party hats, telescopes and ships embroidered on the table covers or even aprons featuring symbolic designs in red, blue and white can lend your event with that extra dose of excitement. With a talented professional in tow, the sky is the limit.

You could even ask your embroidery digitiser whether it is feasible for you to have a 3D or glow-in-the-dark design given your choice of artwork and fabric. In case you are hosting an evening affair with lots of children part of the gala, getting yourself glow-in-the-dark embroidery comes highly recommended.