Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Digitising Embroidery: Why Use Bags as Promotional Giveaways?

‘Branding’ and ‘brand image’ seem to be the only buzz words ruling the world of marketing these days, and why not. Every marketing campaign, every advertising strategy, in fact, everything that a company does is directed towards creating a healthy brand image with which the end user can connect. And, this can only be achieved by grabbing the maximum number of impressions with giveaways that prove to be useful. This is where digitising embroidery and the concept of branded bags come in.

A number of recent surveys have shown that branded bags not only tend to grab the maximum number of impressions a month, but are also the product most likely to be retained by your target audience. While the first fact might still be a revelation for many, the latter does not come as a surprise, since bags do make for one of the most useful giveaways during any promotional event. Surveys also indicate that bags are one of the more successful branding tools, ranking higher than baseball caps or even pens.

Getting your logo or custom message embroidered onto any kind of bag with the help of a Embroidery Digitising professional can further help you save money, besides being an attention grabber. Given the kind of usage and re-use value offered by a bag, and the number of times an individual is likely to carry it around, they prove to be extremely cost-effective. One of the most practical and widely recommended bags that should be considered as a branded, promotional giveaway is the tote bag. Easy to work with when digitising embroidery and versatile in use, tote bags are also a major convenience for the end user. Also, the combined cost of the bag, digitising embroidery service and getting it embroidered practically seems to pay for itself when you begin to consider the response rate, making it top the list of promotional giveaways.